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Taxi Mendrisio, Chiasso, Balerna, Stabio, Mendrisiotto, Lugano

Taxi Mendrisio Chiasso Lugano

Taxi & Limousine Service

Traveling safely, elegantly and professionally is possible with our private chauffeur service. We offer global and qualified services, dedicated to individual travellers, groups, families, companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Transfers by latest generation car or minivan to and from airports, ports, railway stations, hotels, conferences, business and tourist trips. Personal security services, with companion and/or native speaker interpreter. Personalized services, based on customer needs. Our trained and experienced professional drivers will take care of everything from pickup to arrival, so you can relax and enjoy your trip. ​

The most reliable and safe m​odo to have a taxi, regardless of your destination. Our ambition is your satisfaction

Arriving at your destination relaxed in total safety, with elegance and professionalism, with us it is possible.

Dedicated services for any need

A taxi service in the stations of Mendrisio, Stabio, Chiasso, Balerna, to and from the airports of Milan Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio, Zurich Kloten and others that offers a convenient and reliable transport option for travelers wishing to reach or depart from the airport simply and efficiently. An experienced and professional driver arrives at the specified address on time, providing assistance with luggage and ensuring a safe and comfortable journey. Taxis are spacious and equipped with all the necessary comforts, such as air conditioning and free wifi, allowing passengers to relax during the journey. Thanks to the knowledge of the route, the driver selects the best route to avoid traffic and arrive on time at the airport or final destination. This service is particularly useful for those who don't want to worry about parking their car at the airport or who prefer to avoid the stress of public transfers with their luggage.

Airport Transfer

Transfers to and from all the main national and international airports, with latest generation cars that comply with all the most modern safety standards. 

Professional chauffeur service specializing in business trips for business men and women. We know the importance and delicacy of these meetings and we are committed to offering a discreet, reliable and classy service. We pay attention to detail and make sure that every aspect of your trip is taken care of, from choosing the most efficient route to managing time so you always arrive on time for your appointments. Your privacy is a priority for us and we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information and travel details. If you are looking for a driver who will take care of you with kindness and professionalism during your business trips, we will be happy to be your trusted driver.

Business trips

A service dedicated to yoursbusiness trips with suitable cars to long transfers, to provisions for even longer days. WiFi free always available on board.

A minivan transportation service with a large trunk is a transportation service that offers a spacious and comfortable vehicle for transporting groups of people with large amounts of luggage. Minivans are generally equipped with a large and versatile cargo area, which can be used to transport people, luggage, sports equipment or other items. Minivan transportation services are a great solution for people who want to travel in comfort and spacious for transfers from an airport to a hotel, transporting a group of people to an event, and much more.

Minivan Service

Luxury Van "Extra long version"

Travel relaxed and with maximum comfort from the moment you get on board. Focus on efficiency and safety. The most elegant and spacious Van on the market.

A shopping chauffeur service is a convenient and luxurious option for those who want to shop without worrying about driving, parking or dealing with traffic. A professional chauffeur takes care of the transportation of customers from one store to another, ensuring a pleasant and stress-free shopping experience. The shopping chauffeur service offers flexibility, allowing the customer to decide the duration of the shopping sessions and the places to visit. The driver adapts to the customer's timing and needs, offering a personalized service tailored to make the shopping experience even more enjoyable. It is a luxurious way to enjoy a day of shopping without worries.

Shopping Tours

Trust us to carry out your shopping in total relaxation.  We put a car with driver at your disposal, depending on your needs and wherever you want to go for your quality shopping.

Wedding car chauffeur service offers a luxury and hassle-free travel experience for the bride and groom on their wedding day. The driver will be a qualified and well-presented professional, who will take care of every detail to guarantee an impeccable service. Discretion and confidentiality will be of fundamental importance for the driver, who will respect the privacy of the spouses and keep all personal information confidential . Our service offers comfort, style and tranquility, allowing the bride and groom to enjoy their special day to the fullest.

Weddings & Events

We can take care of thetransportation of the spousesAndof your guestswith luxury cars, to make the most beautiful day of your life happier. 

For the photos and the film we can advise you.

An urban and extra-urban taxi service, a public transport service that offers the possibility of renting a car with driver for the transport of people within the city of Mendrisio and its neighborhoods such as Arzo, Besazio, Capolago, Genestrerio, Ligornetto , Meride, Rancate, Salorino, Tremona, as well as the entire Mendrisiotto region with cities such as Chiasso, Balerna, Morbio Inferiore, Vacallo, Morbio Superiore, Seseglio. Coldrerio, Novazzano, Stabio, Riva San Vitale, Brusino Arsizio, Melano, Maroggia. This service is particularly suitable for people who want to travel comfortably and quickly, without having to worry about driving. The advantages of a city taxi service are many: Convenience: the taxi offers a comfortable and relaxing journey. Speed: Taxi is a quick way to get around the city. Professionalism: a professional and qualified driver can guarantee an impeccable service.

City Taxi Service

Leading company in local transport, a multi-service reality that has become a point of reference in urban mobility and beyond.

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Ski Transfers

With us you travel without worries to your favorite ski resort wherever it is, comfortably and in total safety, with cars and minivans with up to 8 seats, with 4 Matic permanent all-wheel drive system and a large load volume for luggage.  ;

We offer a personal chauffeur and personal safety service, a professional who is responsible for ensuring the safety of the passenger during travel, both driving and safety skills. We offer personal security to the person, drive the vehicle safely and efficiently, paying attention to traffic conditions and any threats. Monitor the surrounding environment, identifying potential dangers. Assist the passenger if necessary.

Security VIP Service

We put a car with a professional driver at your complete disposal for all your needs, without limitations. Upon request, we offer security services to the person with companion and/or companion  native speaker interpreter.

A limousine chauffeur service is a service that offers the possibility of renting a limousine with a driver for the transport of people. This service is particularly suitable for people who want to travel in a comfortable and luxurious way. The advantages of a limousine chauffeur service are many, convenience: the limousine offers a comfortable and relaxing journey, luxury: the limousine offers a travel experience exclusive and luxurious, professionalism: a professional and qualified driver can guarantee an impeccable service for any occasion such as transport for weddings or other special events, transport for VIP clients, transport for pleasure or business trips and more.

Limousine Service

Limousine Service, the perfect choice for all your special and exclusive events.

Private chauffeur service even for several days, a point of reference for your travels in total safety and respecting privacy.

Exclusive private drivers

Private chauffeur service even for several days, a point of reference for your travels in total safety and relaxation, respecting privacy.

A VIP chauffeur service is a transportation service that offers a higher level of comfort and discretion than a traditional chauffeur service. VIP drivers are experienced professionals who have been selected for their driving skills, their knowledge of the roads and their attention to customer service and privacy.

VIP Service

Our ambition is your satisfaction. We make your security and privacy our top priority.

A wedding car chauffeur service is an excellent solution for newlyweds who wish to arrive at the ceremony and reception location in a comfortable, elegant and professional way.

Weddings & Events

Give a touch of class and elegance to your wedding day and be accompanied in the car you have always dreamed of. Your dream will be realized in style.

Get to Know Us

Leading company in local transport and beyond.... with more than 20 years of experience on the national and international territory. We guarantee safety and reliability. 

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